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Finding a Security

How to find the security you're looking for.

Equity Cost Basis

Questions about the Equity Cost Basis trade activity page.

Enter equity Trade Activity.
Enter Dividend Reinvestment Information.
Enter Systematic Investment Information.
Enter Systematic Withdrawal Information.

Finding a Cryptocurrency

How to find a cryptocurrency you are looking for.

Searching for Cryptocurrency
What if I can’t find my Cryptocurrency?

Questions About a Report

Do you have questions about your report? Here are a few tips.


Helpful tips and instructions for calculating gifted values.


Questions about Date of Death (DOD) Valuation.

Enter Date of Death Information

Power Search

Tips on how to use the Power Search Feature.


How to use the Research tool effectively ?

Technical Questions

Technical Issues and Answers.

Credits / Refunds Issues

How to request a Refund or Credit?

The Netbasis .nb File

Helpful tips on saving your .nb file.

The .nb File Type