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What makes Netbasis such a powerful tool for individual investors like yourself is in its easy to use technology. Netbasis is truly a one-of-a-kind investment tax tool that allows its users to make smarter tax investment decisions in seconds. Netbasis first starts with verifying your cost basis in the investment and then shows your potential tax implications based on your sale information.

Netbasis can provide Answers to Investment Tax Issues

Netbasis generates a complete detailed report for your records.
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Netbasis Featured Tools

Tax Loss Harvesting
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The Netbasis Tax-loss Harvesting feature will first verify the cost basis accuracy on any existing security position(s). Second, Netbasis will provide custom simulated sale scenarios to reach an efficient tax loss harvesting strategy.

Wash Sale Loss & Detection
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The Netbasis wash sale loss deferral feature is a “must have” tool. Users can quickly identify any of the 30 most complicated wash sale tax scenario violations in seconds.

Crypto, Equities, PTPs
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The crypto tool can upload multiple transactions via CSV file and process multiple tokens simultaneously. Netbasis currently covers over 500 cryptocurrencies and updates its database daily.

Tax Sale Planning
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Netbasis provides a tax sale planning tool that allows users to predetermine the right sale methodology decision before the actual sale. A detailed report identifying the specific tax lots required to achieve the desirable tax strategy.

Charitable Planning
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Netbasis provides a charitable tax optimization tool that allows users to maximize their planned giving strategy by creating smart “what if” contribution tax saving simulations.


"When I used Netbasis, I was just happy to know that I wasn’t going to have to try to figure out the cost basis on my AT&T shares, but I ended up finding out that I owned a lot more shares in different companies than I knew about!"

Meredith K. - Scottsdale, AZ

"Our firm has invested in a suite of applications offered by NetWorth which has allowed us to offer a higher level of investment services and increase our AUM."

Christopher F., Money Manager - New York, NY

"Even for someone in the investment business, corporate actions can be unbelievably difficult when trying to calculate your client’s cost basis. Having an automated system really saves a lot of time and frustration."

David B., Registered Investment Advisor - New York, NY

"I have quite a few clients whose investments go back quite a few years, either because they have invested for most of their adult life or they may have inherited investments. Netbasis allows me to quickly and easily handle complex investments within minutes. Before I started using this system, I was using spreadsheets and having nightmares!"

John H., Accountant - Boston, MA