Netbasis sets the standard for securities cost basis calculation. This user-friendly web-based application draws on historical security pricing data extending back as far as 1925 to quickly and accurately determine the adjusted cost basis of virtually any security – regardless of its history of capital changes.

Netbasis makes it easy to determine adjusted cost basis, even when securities have been held for decades and have a complicated history of associated corporate actions. It can calculate cost basis using as little detail as the year of a security’s acquisition, and instantly accounts for historical changes caused by stock splits, mergers, dividend reinvestments and all other possible cost basis adjustments.

Is Holding onto DowDuPont and its Subsidiaries Still a Smart Move?

At first glance, one could easily wonder why anyone would continually hold on to a company that initially started out as two, became one, and then broke into three separate companies, only then find out that additional business divisions are being sold off. However, when you take a closer look at the corporate action strategy of the breakup, one can soon realize that the hidden opportunity for greater shareholder value lies in the sum of its parts.

New Laws Take Guesswork Out of Investment Tax Liability

I considered the Schedule D as the last bastion of the Honest John system,” said Nico Willis, chief executive of NetWorth, a company based in Phoenix, that calculates cost basis for investors. “The spotlight is now on, and as a result, that is making things a lot more complicated because you just can’t guess anymore.

Can Investors Still Profit On GE?

The “buy and hold” investors who still own the stock, are more than likely asking themselves a very important question: Can I still profit on GE? The answer may very well lie in its divestiture plan. GE’s plan to divest its key business assets to shore up its balance sheet certainly has strategic significance. The particular asset sales structured as corporate action events, such as a spin-off or split-off, can be a way for investors to reduce their cost basis and increase their investment returns.

Tracking Your Basis is Worth the Work

The time will come when you want, or need, to sell shares of stock or a mutual fund to raise cash or move to a new investment. You can hold onto more of any gain, or make the best of any loss, if you keep an eye on the tax consequences of the sale. That means knowing your cost basis.

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